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If a picture is worth a thousand words, you can tell a complete story with a montage illustration. With careful selection and artful blending a few photographs will present the viewer with an understanding no single photo can.

Rohara farms montage

When the College of Central Florida chose their new president, we helped introduce him with a magazine cover that captured his personality.

Each year an assortment of tales unfold onstage at the Ocala Civic Theatre. No single photo can present an image that captures the richness of the sets and lighting or the drama, humor and excitement of the talented players. Over the years, FIP has been privileged to try!

We do illustration from the inside out!
CAD programs are a great aid in designing products, but without an ultra-high-end rendering system, it takes an artist to make the product look appealing to a buyer.
If you have a rough CAD projection you need enhanced or a prototype with which you want to jump-start sales, FIP has the art and illustration talent to produce a finished image of your product. We were drawing and painting long before there were computers. Whether it is from blueprints, schematic drawings, CAD wire-frames, or prototype photos, we can make you look good!

We can convert your blueprints or even rough sketch into a definitive product visual.

Cutaway images let customers see past the surface.

We can take basic CAD wireframes and resurface them for a more natural look.

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